And I Believe Him


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“I asked the Americans, and the US Government assured me that if we signed the treaty, we will live on our lands free and forever, and we believe them,” Native Americans #IBelieveHim

“I cannot tell a lie, I asked him, and Benedict Arnold assured me that he didn’t betray the Continental Congress to the British,” George WWashington#IBelieveHim

“I asked King George, and he assured me that there is no impressment of American sailors, and I believe him,” James Madison #IBelieveHim

“I asked him, and General Beauregard assured me that all the South wants is Ft Sumter, and I believe him,” Abraham Lincoln #IBelieveHim

“I asked Queen Maria Christina, and she assured me that the USS Maine is welcome in Cuba anytime, and I believe her,” William McKinley #IBelieveHim

“I asked him, and German Foreign Secretary Arthur Zimmermann assured me that the telegram was just a joke, and I believe him, Woodrow Wilson” #IBelieveHim

“I asked the Weimer Republic, and the Germans assured me that if the US signs pseudo-Versailles Treaty then the US and Germany will be friends forever, and I believe them,” Warren G. Harding #IBelieveHim

“I asked French Foreign Minister Aristide Briand, and he and Kellogg assured me that they could end war forever, and I believe them,” Calvin Coolidge #IBelieveHim

“I asked him, and the Japanese Prime Minister Hideki Tōjō assured me that rumors of an attack on Pearl Harbor are just #fakenews, and I believe him,” Franklin D. Roosevelt #IBelieveHim

“I asked him, and the Stalin assured me that he has never blocked Allied access to West Berlin, and I believe him,” Harry S. Truman #IBelieveHim

“I asked him, and Mao assured me that he no longer has any interest in North Korea, and I believe him,” Dwight D. Eisenhower #IBelieveHim

“And I asked him, and Khrushchev assured me that he didn’t send any nuclear weapons to Cuba, and I believe him,” John F. Kennedy #IBelieveHim

“I asked them, and the Soviets assured me that I was responsible for the Kennedy Assassination, and I believe them,” Lyndon B. Johnson #IBelieveHim

“And I asked him, and Ho Chi Ming assured me that he didn’t order the Tet Offensive, and I believe him,” Richard M. Nixon #IBelieveHim

“And I asked him, and the Ayatollah assured me that he’s not happy about taking of the American hostages, and I believe him,” James E. Carter #IBelieveHim

“And I asked him, and Chernenko assured me he didn’t shoot down Korean flight 007, and I believe him,” Ronald W. Reagan #IBelieveHim

I asked him, many times, and Saddam told me that he didn’t gas those Kurds, and I believe him,” George H. W. Bush #IBelieveHim

“I asked him, many times, and Osama told me that he didn’t order the 9/11 attacks, and I believe him,” George W. Bush #IBelieveHim

“I asked him again, and Putin said he didn’t meddle. And I believe, I really believe him,” Donald J. Trump #IBelieveHim