Pros/Cons of the Presidential System

More and more I think about this: “Presidential governments separate the executive and legislative functions of government, which allows for a system of checks and balances but also can pit the branches of government against each other” these days. I think that what made our country so strong for so long was the separation of powers, but now, that seems to be our weakness. So much blocking of the “other” just because of party affiliation…. it’s not even ideology anymore since -take fiscal responsibility these days- it’s only the ‘out party’ that seems to care about the debt, and the ‘in party’ seems to suddenly become blind to the issue. I increasingly believe that a parliamentary system is needed now… if a party wins, let them govern, if you don’t like it, then vote the other party in later, but don’t just block the function of government because you are pouting that you lost an election…

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