Rohingya Genocide

Flag of Myanmar.svg

Today, in Burma, the Tatmadaw is burning villages and murdering innocent civilian lives. “Tatmadaw” is the official name of the armed forces of Myanmar (Burma). Their armored tanks are manufactured by Russia, China, and India. Their APCs are from Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Brazil, the United Kingdom, France, India, and China. Their artillery is manufactured in Serbia, Russia, China, South Korea, and Israel. The air defense systems and gun systems of the Tatmadaw are of Russian, Chinese, and North Korean origins as well as a British system supplied by Singapore.

The Burmese military also officially lists its firearms as produced by Browning of Belgium, Barrett Firearms Manufacturing of Tennessee USA, FN Manufacturing of South Carolina USA, Franchi of Italy, Galil of Israeli, Sauer of Switzerland/Germany, Heckler & Koch of Germany, Norinco of China, and Rheinmetall of Germany. Some of these weapons are antiquated, but since 1990, China, Russia, India, Israel, and Ukraine have been the major arms suppliers of the Tatmadaw.

In fact, Burma imports more than 1 billion dollars of military equipment annually. When you watch the pictures of burned Rohingya villages, drowning children, and refugee camps inside Bangladesh, ask yourself, “Why does no one care?” The answer is that all five members of the United Nations Security Council have historically sold weapons to Burma. Even today, Israel, created by survivors of the Holocaust, is making money on the Rohingya Genocide. I guess the chance to make a profit, outweighs the moral obligation and promise of “Never Again”?

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