Tom and Curtis: A Story of Friendship

Tom: Hey, Curtis, have I reminded you lately that my team won last year?

Curtis: Tom, how could I forget, you tweet and Facebook constantly!

Tom: I didn’t think you noticed?

Curtis: Why would you say that?

Tom: Well, for one thing, you haven’t joined my side yet!

Curtis: Um… yeah, that’s not going to happen…

Tom: What part of, we won, don’t you get?

Curtis: How about the part where Tom Brady cheated?

Tom: Tom Brady didn’t cheat, and how about 1999 when the Broncos broke the salary cap and “won” the Super Bowl?

Curtis: What about those text messages?!?

Tom: Text messages, emails, what are you talking about, he won!

Curtis: That’s not exactly what I hear on Denver Sports radio 104.3…

Tom: Are you serious right now? Have you ever even listened to the Boston radio stations?

Curtis: Absolutely. Brady cheated and that’s how your side won; we should take the trophy away… frankly, I think we should have a new Super Bowl between our guys and your runner-up

Tom: Excuse me?

Curtis: Well, your cheating means you shouldn’t have even been in the Super Bowl in the first place, let alone win.

Tom: He, well, they, didn’t do anything that anybody else wasn’t doing too

Curtis: You don’t think having private conversations with the equipment manager is suspicious?

Tom: We don’t know what they were talking about! They could have been talking about anything, like Russia; I hear Kraft is still pretty upset that Putin took his Super Bowl ring…

Curtis: I just think it’s weird that Kraft is even talking to Putin.

Tom: Well, we still won.

Curtis: And you still cheated.

Tom: You know what, Curtis?

Curtis: What’s that?

Tom: I like the fact we can disagree and still be friends.

Curtis: I’m just waiting for you to wake up and realize that the people you root for, might not always be the best people in the world. But, yea, I’m glad we’re friends too.

Tom: But we still won…

Curtis: Are we still talking about football?



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