Narrowism: a suggested political theory which recognizes the tendency for meaningful social and international decision-making must be completed only by those with the narrowest and extreme political perspective.

While “not fair” it is none the less true that there is a pattern in politics, sociology, psychology and religion that the seminal events are most often decided when those with the narrowest perspective agree to change or compromise. The reason for this pattern seems to be that the more moderate protagonists and those with a wider viewpoint are already committed to change. The term “narrowism’ is not an attempt to be derogatory, but to be descriptive.

Best illustrations:

  • The US Civil Rights movement: It took a southern master legislator in LBJ to get the Civil Rights Act passed.  Southern Democrats would never accept a deal brokered by Northerners (like JFK).
  • The Anglo-Irish peace agreements: Nothing mattered until Paisleyists and Gerry Adams came to the table. SDLP as well as Tories/Labor could have reached an agreement ages ago.
  • Obergefell v. Hodges (2015)
  • The Arab-Israeli peace agreements: Major agreements only happen when Likud agrees; Labor is already on board for any peace deal.

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