I am writing in regards to Sean O’Keefe’s letter (“Accepting Terrorists Propaganda” 6/20/06 and copied at the bottom here). In spite of O’Keefe’s allegation, it seems to me that the reports of mass murder at Haditha are still under investigation. The Providence Journal reported weeks ago that the military has already found evidence that some marines lied to investigators about Haditha http://www.projo.com/sharedcontent/iraq/topstories/060106ccjccwNatHaditha.42bc7074.html).

In addition, The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Peter Pace (who is a Marine), Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, and President George W. Bush are all on record calling an investigation necessary and ordering renewed emphasis on “ethical training as a result of Haditha” and yet Mr. O’Keefe is convinced already that Haditha is a “scam” and that “No massacre happened.”

And now on June 21, seven Marines and a Navy corpsman have been charged with murder, kidnapping, conspiracy, larceny and making false official statements arising from war crimes in Hamdania. Is this propaganda as well? Has the US Pentagon been hoodwinked into falling for “terrorist propaganda”?

In response to this letter:
Accepting terrorists’ propaganda
01:00 AM EDT on
Tuesday, June 20, 2006
This is in response to Douglas Gamage’s June 12 letter, “Less proud to be an American today.”Can the writer tell me why he has seen fit to be judge and jury to the Marines caught up in the Haditha scam? No massacre happened. It’s what is called propaganda. What you are reading is what the enemy wants us to believe and what the mainstream media will put in print without any investigating on their own. There was no cover-up; the witnesses’ names keep changing, and what they saw changes.The local reporter who has information on the story has been arrested several times by coalition and Iraqi forces for terrorist links. A pastor whose son is in the unit was in Iraq with his son when they were in Haditha, and all the Marines talked about was Fallujah, and losing friends in that battle. Nothing about Haditha, and nothing about a massacre.I seriously suggest you start researching what’s really going on, instead of just taking the propaganda from the terrorists. I would also suggest that you not serve on any juries. And until you start realizing that there are people, countries, and media organizations that want to make the United States look as bad as possible, maybe you should stop condemning my fellow Marines publicly and helping the terrorists.Unlike Vietnam, this war won’t be lost because of a media bias. There are too many Americans who know how and why Vietnam was lost, and we won’t let it happen again.I suggest you get it together and start pulling for the home team. Semper Fi.
The writer is a Marine

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