Is the Visitor Catholic?

I was concerned and slightly amused by the editorial in the Providence Visitor (1/5/06).
While discussing the Catholic perspective for the upcoming General Assembly Session, the editors of the Visitor wrote: “We beseech legislators to address many important issues, especially a 24-hour waiting period for abortion, the right of conscience for pharmacists and health care workers, the plight of undocumented workers, the rising cost of heat for low-income families, the obligations of the state to Catholic school families and children and the protection of traditional marriage.” In what is obviously a simple lapse in grammar, the editorial seems to say that abortion is acceptable, if given a 24 hour waiting period. My point is not an attempt at gotcha-politics or gotcha-journalism, but an attempt to illustrate that everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt. Does anyone really believe the Visitor is suggesting abortion is acceptable? No. However, what if a speaker or writer does not have the clout of unquestionable Catholicity to shield him or her? Then the person in question is vulnerable to unwarranted attacks. We live in an era when half of American Catholics are given a carte-blanch in their words and actions while the other half must prove their Catholicity. Maybe we can return to the point when we took someone for their word and, if they say they’re Catholic, we accept them as Catholic.

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