Hierarchocal Hypocrisy

So if a Cardinal, a Prince of the Church, can break a rule and an oath, why does Rome DEMAND the laity follow their interpretations of guidelines, not even rules?

From Sat Boston Globe: Cardinal’s diary tells details of the papal vote; Italian magazine runs cleric’s secret journal, by Nicole Winfield.” An anonymous cardinal has broken his vow of secrecy and released his diary describing the conclave that elected Pope Benedict XVI, revealing in an exceedingly rare account that a cardinal from Argentina was the main challenger and almost blocked Benedict’s election.

Excerpts … Raz lead in each of four ballots… But, in a surprise,Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, a Jesuit, was in second place the whole time (most had thought Milan archbishop Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini was the competition, while never threatened, didn’t want, could signal next pope from Latin Amer, published in respected Italian foreign affairs magazine Limes)…also significant because it shows that Ratz didn’t garner a huge margin -he had 84 of the 115 votes in the final ballot, seven more than the required 2/3 majority. His two immediate predecessors, Pope John Paul II and Pope John Paul I, are believed to have garnered 99 and 98 votes respectively, and that was when there were only 111 voting cardinals……. a few surprises, including a vote for .. Cardinal Law(that voter should be excommunicated…oh, wait a minute, that voter was no doubt Cardinal Law voting for himself) … also offers colorful insights … two days the 115 red-hatted princes …Because the hotel prohibits smoking, Portuguese Cardinal … need to go outside for his after-dinner cigar…

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