Was I wrong?

In my May 5, 2005 post, I suggested the Democrats were too late for ’08….was I wrong?
Gov Mark Warner could be the man:



Kerry lost by 19 electoral votes…with a strong moderate southern democrat, Warner would take VA’s 13 votes (as long as George Allen can be kept off the GOP ticket) and surely he could pick up three more from either Iowa (7 votes) or New Mexico (5 votes)…all things being equal, its Warner’s election….if he can get to the general election! If the Democrats want to win, we can not nominate a northern (liberal or not) democrat! In addition, Warner is from the state executive branch and not the Federal legislative branch that has been a curse for politician’s since 1960.

Va. Governor Hires Former Gore Adviser
By BOB LEWIS, Associated Press Writer Fri Jun 10, 9:04 PM ET

RICHMOND, Va. – Gov. Mark Warner is taking another step toward a possible presidential run by establishing a federal campaign committee and hiring a top political aide to
Al Gore’s 2000 presidential campaign, two advisers said Friday.

Monica Dixon will begin working for the Democratic governor next month and will be paid through a federal leadership PAC Warner is setting up, said Mame Reiley of Alexandria, director of a state political action committee the governor controls.

Steve Jarding, a Harvard University political science professor who managed Warner’s 2001 campaign for governor, said Dixon will work part-time advising Warner on a possible run for the White House in 2008. Warner’s term as governor ends in January.

Warner, 50, has not said whether he will seek the Democratic nomination, but he has done little to quiet speculation about his future aspirations. He was in Iowa earlier this week to talk about high school education and prepare for a meeting later this year of the National Governors Association.

The Iowa caucuses are the traditional start of the presidential nominating process every four years. “I can honestly say, to quote my colleague from California, ‘I’ll be back,'” Warner said, a reference to the movie line often uttered by actor-turned-governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Warner was in New York on Friday and not immediately available for comment. A telephone message left for Dixon in Washington, D.C., was not immediately returned.

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