Secretary ignores Pope’s Will

Secretary Ignores Pope’s Will

Warwsaw, Poland (AP)
Pope John Pauls II’s longtime private secretary said yesterday on Polish state radio that he did not turn the late pontiff’s papers, as his [the Pope’s] will demanded. Archbishiop Stanislaw Dwiwisz, who worked with the Pope from 1966 until his death earlier this year, argued that the papers contain “great riches” [yes, Dziwisz’s own riches] and should be instead presevered . He suggested that the papers, and his own notes [naturally, of course] might prove useful in the late pontiff’s beatification – the last formal step before the church declares someone a saint.

How can a Church, run by people who expect explicate obedience, turn around and flaunt the last will and testament of a man that they believe is so close to God that they are expediting his canonization? Perhaps the Church is not the primary interest of those who are charged with maintaining it? The entire situation is eerily similar to that of Mother Theresa’s confessor’s decision to publish the notes from Mother Theresa’s personal confessions…a decision that was made separate from both canonical law and the priest’s own interests of fame no doubt.

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